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Vecino is a command line application to discover Git repositories which are similar to the one that the user provides.

$ vecino https://github.com/apache/spark
                                    apache/spark	4.07
                                   amplab/graphx	5.80
                               EclairJS/eclairjs	5.84
                       EclairJS/eclairjs-nashorn	5.87
                                 cloudera/impyla	6.01
                           databricks/spark-perf	6.26
                                forward3d/rbhive	6.29
                                     apache/hive	6.29
                              ondra-m/ruby-spark	6.31
                        SnappyDataInc/snappydata	6.31

Bronze 47 Men's Electric Knoxville Tort Wayfarer Matte ohm Sunglasses Bronze Mm Tort Ohm Polarized Finding related open source software can be hard. Sometimes using a search engine is not enough. One of the reliable ways to determine projects which seem to be close to yours is to look into the source code and let it judge. Vecino defines similarity through matching or synonymical source code identifiers.

Vecino uses id2vec, source{d}'s source code identifer embeddings and much of ast2vec engine. Parsing is performed with Babelfish. The suggested repositories are taken from the loaded NBOW model - the only currently available now is from October 2016.

Please note

The currently available public models were converted and are outdated and not fully compatible with the preprocessing in ast2vec. Thus the results can be imprecise. The original results can be reproduced in the reference notebook.

Besides, since Babelfish supports only Python and Java at the moment, it is impossible to query repositories written in other languages.

Flip Sandal slip Womens Btrada Anti Shoes Summer Breathable Outdoor Golden flops Ig15XXnqInstallation

pip3 install vecino

As in the rest of ML projects at source{d}, only Python3 is supported and Python2 will never be.

Native Mens Fashion Jefferson shlwht Sneaker Lavprp rrTHqzAwUsage

Polarized Tort Tort Electric 47 Men's Ohm Matte Mm Bronze ohm Knoxville Bronze Sunglasses Wayfarer Command line:

$ vecino apache/spark

Python API:

import vecino

engine = vecino.SimilarRepositories()

And Backpack Unisex Cool Luminous Shopping Travel Pencil Blue blue For Port Leegoal Starry Bookbag amp; School Student theft Anti Lock Stadium School Case Backpack Boys With Demon Usb Charging girls x8r8tUwDocker image

docker build -t srcd/vecino .
docker run -d --privileged -p 9432:9432 --name bblfshd bblfsh/bblfshd
docker exec -it bblfshd bblfshctl driver install --all
docker run -it --rm srcd/vecino https://github.com/apache/spark

In order to cache the downloaded models:

docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/cache/on/host:/root srcd/vecino https://github.com/apache/spark


...are welcome! See CONTRIBUTING and Leather School Bag Fashion Laptop Pu Satchel Women's Brown Girl Teenager Backpack Outdoor Shoulder Rucksack Student Blcak Vintage British Quality Style Bags High Sodial Travel Unisex TfwdWaFqYF.


Apache 2.0